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Our Farm


This is me, Ken Summers.  I’m originally from Long Island, NY.  I joined the U.S Marines at age 22 and served for 5 years on active duty.  When I was discharged, I moved upstate NY and that is when I found my passion for animals.  In my time working on farms, I’ve worked on a cow dairy, a buffalo farm, and a goat farm.  I’ll soon have my degree in agricultural business from SUNY Cobleskill.

Our farm currently consists of 8 does, and 2 doelings, 20 chickens, and 7 beehives.

This is Lil Bit, she is one of 11 babies our goats had this year.  Goats have an average of two babies each.  Lil Bit was on her way to our local elementary school for show and tell to one of my sons class.  

 This picture is (from left to right) Mavin, Patty, Sophia, Maggie and Matilda.  Just some of our girls out enjoying the pasture last summer.  They love to follow me everywhere when I am out!

I started keeping bees about five years ago.  I've learned from videos online and books (I love to read) and of course through multiple stings.  I get stung at least a few times a year.  The most difficult part of keeping bees where I live is getting them to survive our long winters.  After numerous attempts we have found a system that works and continue to expand the number of hives yearly.